Att grava lax

...är inte ett dugg svårt.
Gravade en häromdagen och efter ett par dagar i kylskåpet förpackades den och lades sedan i frysen. Bara att ta fram när man vill ha lite extra god lax till frukostägget, pastasåsen eller vad man nu vill hitta på.
Jag tror att jag har haft med receptet här förut, men vi tar det väl igen!?

Easy home made gravlax

One 2 pound salmon fillet, skin off
¼ cup of salt, preferably kosher
¼ cup of white sugar
1-2 bunches of fresh dill, you can’t really use too much
2 tsps of freshly cracked black pepper

1. Simply rub the salmon fillet all over with the salt and sugar, and sprinkle with the pepper.

2. Place half of the dill in glass or or other non reactive container, big enough to hold the salmon flat (it can be cut into pieces to fit as necessary), lay the salmon on the dill, and cover with the other half of the dill.

3. Cover with plastic wrap, and place something heavy on the top, to compress the salmon.

4. Let it sit in the fridge for 2 days, draining the water that collects off once.

5. Check to see if the salmon is finished after 2 days. The texture will change, and become denser, and it will look like smoked salmon when finished. If it is not all the way through cured, give it one more day of curing.

6. That's it. Wash off the salt and sugar, and slice as thinly as possible, with a very sharp knife.

Nam nam.

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Vi har vitpeppar istället för svartpeppar, men det blir gott det med!